Meditation and Cannabis


Meditation is known to have started thousands of years ago in India. It is also one of the reasons for the spread of cannabis. This ancient practice was then adopted by its surrounding countries. It ended up becoming part of different religions, cultures, and other diffused forms rooted in Buddhism. In this blog, we will be reading about how meditation and cannabis go hand in hand.

Cannabis also relates to Hinduism and it’s cultures. Not only are there festivals for it, but their god Shiva is known to be in favor of it too. If meditation and cannabis has roots back to India, why not and talk about how well they work together?


Inspired Meditation

Cannabis and meditation, both providing positive effects on empathy, can have a great impact when done together. Let’s get into the depth of it. A study done on meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism shows the parts of it that affect the brain. For context, Buddhist meditation focuses on mindfulness, while Hindu meditation focuses on the sense of self and duality, also known as Samadhi. When looked at those who practiced Buddhist meditation, results showed activation in the frontal lobe areas which are related to executive attention. In contrast, it was seen in the Hindu-inspired way of meditation, that their meditation showed activity in the left-lateralized network of the post-central gyrus, superior parietal lobe, hippocampus, and also the right middle cingulate cortex. So as we can see, both vary and differ a bit in terms of which parts of the brain are showing increased activities from the respective medication.


CBD Study

Now, another study done on CBD and its activities in healthy volunteers as well as those diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. The results showed that in those who are deemed healthy, acute CBD showed activity in the frontotemporal, fronto-striatal, front-limbic, and temporo-occipital areas, for emotional processing, verbal memory, response inhibition, and auditory/visual processing, respectively. The increased activity, and betterment of these areas, were solely seen from CBD, not THC or the placebo. Other studies show how the effects of CBD lead to decreased activity in the amygdala, which is the area dealing with the processing of emotions, memory, as well as fear.

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How does this relate to the brain activities in meditation you may ask? It’s the same area that lights up with excessive activity in those with anxiety. And, it is the same area that CBD reduces activity in. Combining this with meditation can be a mind-blowing experience. Imagine feeling less clouded and finally feeling like being able to concentrate properly. 

How great would that be?