5 More Questions About CBD


Like most mysterious things, questions about CBD are abundant. Writing one FAQ article about CBD is not enough. So, prepare to learn even more about CBD!


1. Is CBD dangerous?

No, CBD is not dangerous. CBD works with the natural endocannabinoid biological system within all animals. This includes humans, dogs, horses, cats, birds, and even invertebrates. It is also essential to remember cannabis is a natural plant that has been growing on Earth for millions of years, utilized by humans for thousands of years.


2. Can you get “high” from CBD?

No! Or, at least, you shouldn’t. If you take CBD and feel a “high,” then that means whatever company you bought the CBD from has lied to you. Only full-spectrum CBD should have any amount of THC in it; even then, the “high” will be minimal.


3. Is CBD addictive?

No, CBD is not addictive. However to first understand why CBD isn’t considered addictive, first must be understood what kind of substances do cause addiction.


A Little Bit About Addiction

Commonly, substances need to be abused/used beyond what is necessary or safe to cause an addiction. Some drugs are considered to be “hard” as they are capable of causing addiction extremely fast and typically make the user physically dependent. Such drugs include cocaine, morphine, meth, nicotine (depending on the legislation), heroin, and alcohol. Certain drugs, such as cocaine, morphine, meth, and heroin are extremely addictive to the point that a little bit can cause reliance.

“Soft” drugs include caffeine (depending on legislation), marijuana, and LSD, due to their more behavioral-based addiction. They are commonly sought out due to their social status/norm and the “harmlessness.” However, just because something is a “soft drug” does not automatically make it safe. 

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CBD, although a cannabinoid of cannabis, is not the same as marijuana. Marijuana is made up of several parts of the cannabis plant, commonly smoked and laced within bakery items. CBD is considered to be a prescription drug or a recreational drug, depending on where it is being sold. CBD, in short, is not addictive and offers no “high” to generate a suitable behavioral addiction.


4. What exactly is CBD and where does it come from?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is just one of the many cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. It is a natural part of both cannabis and hemp plants.

CBD is commonly extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant, singled out from the other cannabinoids to create a pure, dedicated product. 


5. Will CBD help me as much as THC would?

Many, many studies have been done focusing on how each of these cannabinoids interacts with/affects the human body. In the short conclusion of those studies, CBD is believed to offer the same benefits as THC, minus the side effect of the “high”/euphoria.


Wait, I Have Further Questions!

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