About Feel Good Edibles


At Feel Good Edibles, our mission is to spread the love and good feelings with CBD edibles. Stress at work, hectic everyday life, or a rut getting your spirits down? Our CBD edibles are designed to help you feel good around the clock – enjoy the mouth watering fruity flavor explosion and unwind.

We believe that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure our CBD edibles are 100% safe for consumption, contain no THC and provide you with a mild effect so you can relax, guilt free.


The brains behind Feel Good Edibles is a two brother team. You can say we’ve always had a sweet tooth, owning a franchise cookie business in Queens, New York for years before edibles were even a dream. We loved being a part of the community. Bringing smiles to customers’ faces with a selection of name brand snacks and cookies was the best part of our job.

We first learned about the amazing effects of Cannabidiol through our mother. Wheelchair-bound, she used to rely on CBD for symptom relief but due to health concerns, she couldn’t vape and never developed a taste for tincture droplets.

As CBD edibles were Mom’s favorite and snack distribution our specialty, the next steps were obvious. Today, we are using our passion for Cannabinoids and helping people feel good by providing a range of the tastiest CBD edibles on the market.