About Feel Good Edibles

Our mission is our mission is to spread the love and good feelings with CBD edibles.

We want to bring a touch of paradise and relaxation into your everyday life with our potent delicious edibles.

Enjoy the mouth watering fruity flavors and feel good once the effect kicks in.

Experienced a wave of positive emotions and beat every day stress without intoxicating your body.

The effects of mild but just enough for you to spend your day with a relaxed mind and a joyful spirit

The Founders of Feel Good Distribution Inc were two brothers who started out with a franchise cookie route in Queens, New York. Working together was always fun and cookies paid the bills.

Their mother was wheelchair bound and used Cannabidiol for symptom relief. Due to health reasons, she couldn’t smoke or vape and disliked tincture droplets. 

Looking to get involved the brothers discovered CBD. As edibles were Moms favorite and snack distribution their specialty, it was clear from the beginning: Feel Good Edibles