What Ingredients Does FGE Edibles Contain?

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Something that makes FGE CBD unique is its guaranteed, lab-proven purity reports. This cannabinoid-based company is open to being transparent with its high-quality ingredients and recipes.


Who Tests FGE Edibles?

Landau Laboratories Inc. is the trusted laboratory that analyzes all of FGE’s edibles. They comply with Phase 3 testing for cannabis products and state on their website that Landau Labs is an “A2LA accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017 analytical testing laboratory Certificate #5236.01.”

Some fast facts about Landau Laboratories Inc. include that 3 PhDs are currently on the team, they have 33 trusted suppliers, and they have nearly 100 years of combined experience.


What Ingredients Are Commonly Used?

FGE offers vegan, organic, and gluten-free options. The vegan gummies offer plant-based substitutes for the animal-based gelatin most gummies are made of. And the organic versions feature all-natural, plant-based ingredients to guarantee freshness every time.

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Take the 750mg CBD Organic Gummy Slices, as an example. It is an FGE edible that is both vegan and organic. Although three food dyes are used, all three are non-animal based and are therefore considered to be vegan. The ingredients include Organic Glucose Syrup (wheat), Organic Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors, (organic carrot juice, organic pumpkin juice), and Wheat Starch. Below is a quick review of what exactly each ingredient entails.


Organic Glucose Syrup (wheat)

A starch syrup commonly derived from organically grown rice, however, this particular version is derived from wheat. 


Organic Cane Sugar

A sugar derived from organically grown sugarcane.



A type of fiber that is capable of dissolving into water. It is most commonly used in baking and cooking due to its ability to thicken whatever it is mixed into.


Citric Acid

An organic, sour acid found within citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, limes, etc.)


Ascorbic Acid

Often known by its more common notation “Vitamin C,” this acid is often used to enhance citrus flavor and acts as a natural preservative. 


Wheat Starch

 Commonly used as a thickening agent, it is derived from wheat kernels.


Natural Flavors and Natural Colors

These can be a variety of natural chemicals, flavors, and found-in-nature food, designed to enhance food flavor. These are considered to be safe to consume and are extremely common in all processed foods.

In this edible’s case, specifically, organic carrot juice and organic pumpkin juice are used.


Pure Hemp Extract

This extract is found naturally within all cannabis plants. 

FGE ensures all hemp extract within the gummies is a CBD isolate, meaning there are no trace amounts of THC or other cannabinoids.


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