FGE Testimonial: Amber


A testimonial can do many things, including representing the opinions of those who have had positive experiences with specific products. However, when it comes to selling and advertising stigmatized items, the truth is all the more important.

Stress, something CBD is believed to help combat, can affect anyone at any time. The mind is a complicated organ, Going through hardships alone can often worsen things. Someone may be going through a divorce, a mid-life crisis, or something even worse. And, while some people may turn to dangerous, thrilling experiences to forget their worries, there is an easier (and safer) option.

Amber is one such person who was introduced to that easier option—CBD edibles. She learned about the company Feel Good Edibles and instantly fell in love with the non-medicinal taste and quick results of the edibles. She mentioned that many edibles that she’s tried in the past weren’t pleasant to eat.

Amber’s testimonial explained, “FGE arrived at the perfect time in my life… [I was at an] extremely stressful time in my life, and I already have anxiety on top of that.”

Moreover, Amber mentioned that FGE assisted in calming her nerves, tasted amazing, and was a “lifesaver.”

She continued, “I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. My mind stopped racing!”

Amber is just one of the many who benefited greatly from FGE. She recommends FGE’s edibles to anyone in need of a great-tasting, well-working CBD supplement.


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