Have you ever struggled with an anxiety disorder, specifically Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD? Coming from someone who has closely been around those with OCD, I cannot say it can cure it, but I sure can say that it helps reduce the symptoms. From feeling down during your day to having difficulty living a happy life because your mind is too clouded, CBD can help with those things. Although it is common in adults in America, and about 2% of Americans have it, it is something that hurts a person’s life. If either you or someone you know is struggling with OCD, read more to find out how CBD can help.


Why the Worry?

The simplest things that people without OCD worry about can a much bigger deal than someone who does have OCD. People with the disorder suffer every day, from worrying about their loved ones to questioning if they are safe. For most people with OCD, constantly overthinking or feeling nervous has become a way of life; while it hurts them, they have no choice but to become accustomed to it. OCD is an anxiety disorder that may not be cured. However, that does not mean something like CBD could calm the nerves.

Those affected by OCD may benefit from CBD due to its ability to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety. When you can include positive aspects of a natural supplement into your life to help the headache go away, why not consider it? In OCD, that is precisely the situation. Because it is an anxiety illness, those who have it frequently experience intrusive thoughts; as a result, they will engage in compulsive behavior to pacify these thoughts.

A typical example would be to repeatedly check the stove for reassurance that it’s off. Another would be to repeatedly take off and put on your shoes. Especially, until you feel confident that you have done it correctly and that your intrusive thoughts won’t come to life. The continuous repetition of this causes little satisfaction and increased anxiety. Not only are examples of people’s OCD rituals, but a handful of research shows the great difference CBD can make, and already has made, in those with anxiety disorders such as OCD.


OCD and CBD Study

A 2020 study shows a large decrease in compulsions, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety with the help of medical cannabis. To be more precise, the study was conducted on 87 individuals with OCD, and the results were shocking. 60% of patients reported reduced compulsion, 40% reported reductions in intrusive thoughts, and 52% reported reduced anxiety. If not this, what better example and study to support CBD in helping those with OCD?

Remember to always have the opinion of a healthcare provider if you do plan on taking the CBD route. Most importantly, it should be noted that CBD and any SSRIs are not recommended to be taken together. Doing your research is highly recommended as well since people vary regarding symptoms and ways of life.