CBD for Pets

CBD for pets

So, you’ve heard about CBD and all the benefits that it may offer. Maybe you’ve seen commercials or quiet little stores in strip malls that exclaim the usefulness of this “miracle drug” called CBD. Given that CBD is conditionally/fully legal in all 50 states of the USA—sales, and attraction for wellness through cannabidiol have been surging. With potent CBD doses shown to decrease stress and fear responses, it’s little wonder why many humans are enthusiastic to try it for themselves. But, what about CBD for pets?


Animals Need Help Too

Pets, especially dogs and cats, live in mass with their human companions worldwide. In America, there are approximately 76.8 million dogs and 58.3 million cats. The sheer amount makes it quite challenging to ignore their presence. Even if you don’t own a pet personally, you’ve likely seen several dogs and a few stray cats in your lifetime. And, although not advertised nearly as much, there are even supplements of CBD for horses!

Animals want to be happy just as much as their owners. Thunderstorms and fireworks, owners leaving the house, or trips to the vet can all be scary. Which can lead to our pets becoming quite destructive.

Several pet stores sell CBD edibles in palatable, pure, lower doses than their human counterparts. They are typically advertised as calming tools for dogs and cats.


Is CBD Dangerous?

Animals of all fur and feather can take CBD in controlled doses, as long as they’re pure, THC-free CBD for pets. For some dogs, the supplement has been helpful in recovery after exercise, and is even believed to assert a calming effect. For some cats, CBD is shown to have holistic benefits. Furthermore, less is known about CBD’s side effects on animals, so caution is advised. Given how delicate and small cats are, the dosage is even more important to be aware of.

Overdosing, especially with a newer drug like CBD, is something dangerously easy to do if the brand hasn’t guaranteed exact measurements. Such tragedies can be avoided through cautious buying and company research.

The correct dosage effects of CBD for dogs and cats include vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of balance. The benefits, however, are enough to convince several owners to pay more attention to relief instead of risks.


Feel Good Together

Although Feel Good Edibles is currently only for use in humans, taking an edible with your pet can bring a sense of belonging between human and pet.

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It’s also important to remember that pets can become more stressed when their human becomes stressed. Dogs, especially, are excellent at reading human emotions. Even though CBD-based relief isn’t guaranteed, the chance to live a happier life with your best friend may just be worth that chance.


The use of CBD for animals is in line with regulations in your region. It’s recommended to consult with veterinarians or professionals for personalized guidance on supplemental and medicinal use for animals.

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