CBD: What’s Our Role?


Have you ever wondered where you can find the right CBD or what role CBD plays? Well, we’ve got you! From local areas near you to places online you can order, it’s everywhere!


Is it Eco-friendly?

From CBD-specific shops to cafes, we can easily find CBD everywhere we go. The most crucial thing here is knowing what product is the best for you. Whether it be CBD with THC or without, its effects should be known by all those who take it. However, something to keep in mind is that wherever someone purchases CBD they must know exactly what it is in it. The great thing is that Feel Good Edibles provides, with every product, a report as to what is inside the CBD products. This includes the percentage of THC (0%) and CBD, to the ingredients and dosage.

Since CBD has been back in business for quite some time, remember to check your local cafes to see if they incorporate CBD/hemp in their products. As well as this, explore places online to find the right product for you. Most importantly, remember to check out our page to see if our eco-friendly products can earn your trust.


Our Responsibility

Have you ever wondered how these stigmas for CBD come into play? Unfortunately, with misinformation being spread around, the image of CBD and Cannabis can be harmed. This is especially true if the correct education is missing. So what can we do about it? If you are reading this, it means you have some sort of communication technology you are getting this information from. This means, you the correct means to send informative things to those who are either uninformed or misinformed of CBD, and/or cannabis as a whole. Knowing what we know about CBD, its beneficial effects, and its roles in different cultures and religions, we can efficiently assess CBD’s role in society. And, through that, we can spread awareness about how CBD products could change someone’s life around.

Want to learn about what CBD can do? Check out “CBD Success Stories” by Saman Kazmi.

From you and I both, to Feel Good Edibles as a whole company, the common goal is to make sure the stigmas around CBD are erased and established as safe and healthy products. Keep in mind, our products at FGE are not only THC-free but nearly all organic and vegan. For those who want to keep the psychoactive properties of THC away, and consume a healthy product that could positively affect their life, FGE is the way to go.


So, How Can We Bring Change?

Well, great question. Taking part in spreading awareness of what role CBD could play will increase your credibility regarding knowing the right information. In addition to this, make sure to speak vocally about what you believe in. The only time anyone was moved by what someone had to say, was when something was spoken about with great emotion and pride. Now, that’s not to say we all must prepare a moving speech, but do reasonable research to the point where you can answer anyone’s question.

Not many of us look that deep into things these days, especially if it is something we are consuming… but why is that? Isn’t something that is used (especially when being consumed) need to be looked at carefully and in-depth? Well, not to worry, because FGE brings to you products with detailed information and does the lab results and research for you. Just check out the blog articles and the detailed explanation of exactly what is within an FGE edible.