CBD Success Stories

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Throughout history and all over the world, there have been an incredible amount of success stories about CBD. From helping with day-to-day hardships to turning people’s lives around, let’s get into the many great CBD testimonies people have given.


May’s Testimony

May had struggled with severe PTSD. Body aches and severe disruptions took over her everyday life. However, when May decided to try CBD to see how it could help her, the results were shocking. Before jumping into the hows, let’s talk about some of the things she tried before CBD.

Meditation, change in diet, and medications were some of the many things May tried. She had incorporated each practice into her life, but that wasn’t enough. Many medications have side effects, and many forms of meditation do not help each person identically. Meditation, specifically, cannot help one person as much as it would another person, due to the plain fact that we all handle things differently. It was only once she decided to check out CBD oil that things changed. In just 14 days, she felt a difference in her way of life.

CBD has been approved for many other things such as epilepsy and seizures, and can successfully help more than people may realize. May states her hardships, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel; and for her, it was from the prominent help of CBD.

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She was able to cook again, dance in the rain, and live her life like it was meant to be lived. Although her seizures did not stop, they decreased significantly. From an average of 94 seizures in 14 days, her seizures decreased to 15 in the span of the first 14 days of her using the CBD oil.


Tanja’s Testimony

Similarly to May, Tanja was struggling on the day end with PMS. Though her mood swings would come to the surface until one week before her period, she was battling maintaining relationships due to PMS, as well as caring for her 3-year-old daughter. Ever since she had given birth to her daughter, this all started. Life had taken a turn for her as PMS slowly took over her life and was not letting her live a happy life. For her and for many others struggling, isn’t it fair for her too to be living a happy and fulfilling life?

Well, thankfully enough, after taking CBD she noticed a huge change in her life. It helped with her fear and panic, and life was less of a headache for her. According to Tanja, PMS after CBD was a foreign word to her.


Other Success Stories and Testimonies

Not just to better the mental health of individuals, CBD has also been the glimmer of hope and success for those with chronic pain. People of all ages, having taken CBD, have said great things about CBD. Though it depends on the product itself, sometimes people have said THC will create unnecessary psychoactive effects that they are not looking for, and in fact, may add to their anxiety. As for CBD, people have attested to benefiting from CBD so much that their life was turned around for good.