CBD for the Working Horse


Well, wouldn’t you know it, but horse-showing season is again heightening its course! In the middle states of the US, winter has officially left the room. And now, spring has been along just long enough to flood the pastures out. There may be mud for horses to roll in, here in the more northern part of the USA, but Kentucky already has its green grass in a flourish.

However, with showing season comes lots of high-spirited warmbloods, huge solid wood jumps, prancing dressage hooves, and oxers designed to turn horses into pegasuses. The Kentucky 3-Day is an example of that, where the best of the best gather to compete for both a large sum of money and pride. This also means that the horses are ridden hard and together the horse and rider push themselves to the limit… Which can and will lead to sore muscles (at the least) to horses and riders who are too exhausted or stressed to correctly judge a jump. Horseback riding is a dangerous sport, and, after the day is done, riders and horses alike benefit from supplements to calm and ease the pain.

The benefits of CBD, generally, are the same across animals. Horses, however, that have CBD dedicated to them are few and far between. Specific and careful measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the beloved, hardworking horse.


“The Best Weekend All Year”

The Kentucky 3-Day is also known as the “best weekend all year.” It is one of the qualifying events for horses and riders to enter the Olympics.

It is a fast-paced, three-day-straight competition designed to test the rider’s and horse’s balance, endurance, speed, strength, passion, and connection with each other. Only the best of the best stand a chance at winning.

The competition has now come and left, with the first American woman to win LRK3DE in over a decade. And, whether she used CBD or not, they were both fit, healthy, and determined.


Where’s the Proof?

Horses are big animals, and, just like humans, sometimes require supplements. Horses can take supplements for joint aches, high-strung emotions, and biotin for hooves. Elite horses especially need to be on a calorie-dense diet to be the best horses they can be.

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Supplements also exist for horses and pets. They are used for anything from relieving joint stiffness to calming a horse before a big event. Olympian Steffen Peters advocates CBD for horses, going as far as becoming the spokesperson for Trove CBD. Kahn CBD, likewise, has a roping ambassador who supports and uses the CBD on their horses.

CBD research has been conducted by universities such as Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. They have reviewed and approved the usage of CBD supplements for horses.


The use of CBD for animals is in line with regulations in your region. It’s recommended to consult with veterinarians or equine professionals for personalized guidance on supplement and medicine usage for horses.

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