5 Questions About Hemp CBD


This article will be part one of frequently asked questions about CBD use in the United States. The point of this article is to clear up confusion, not create more. So, here are just a few questions out of the many about CBD!


1. What is the correct dosage for me? Where do I start?

First-time users must start at the lowest dosage possible to get the benefits they desire. 5 mg is a good starting point, although, asking for a doctor’s expert opinion will provide an even better answer.


2. Can’t people simply eat more Hemp CBD edibles to get more THC in THC-restricted states?

In theory… yes, if someone could find CBD for sale with a guaranteed trace amount of THC (the stuff that gives the “high”), they could “trick the system” so to speak.

However, the THC would be in such a trace amount (0.3% or less) that the goal of a “high” would be difficult and dangerous to achieve. The dosage is so small that it would be considered a “microdose” and overdosing on the CBD would likely happen before any sort of high from the THC.


3. Is CBD legal in my state (USA) or country?

Unfortunately, there is no catch-all answer for this, as many countries, territories, and states do not follow the same laws or restrictions.

Check out “History of CBD” to discover more about different countries’ CBD legality.


4. Where can I find CBD near me?

Although stores selling CBD are becoming more popular, the easiest way to get recreational CBD edibles is through the internet. There are so many companies that exclusively sell online or have very limited stores that sell high-quality edibles at a lower cost. Feel Good Edibles is an example of that, offering different flavors, shapes, and potencies.


5. Can I grow CBD?

To put it simply, CBD itself cannot be directly grown. CBD is merely a part of the whole cannabis plant and must be separated from the base plant through chemical means.

As far as the hemp plant is concerned, how, where, and when it can be grown is entirely up to the laws within your country. The cultivation of industrial hemp vs personal/at-home hemp is often very different from each other. Never mind that the sale of said cannabis is restricted in many countries.


Any Further Questions?

…Why, of course, you have further questions! Given that CBD is often overshadowed by THC, the interest level is often lower. And, with a lower interest in CBD (compared to THC), more unanswered questions are expected.

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There are millions of questions that can be asked about CBD, some technical and some simply curious. To answer such questions, be sure to always go to credible websites (commonly .gov or official health organizations). Or, if you’d rather talk to a person, find a reputable doctor for further insights on CBD side effects and interactions with the human body.

CBD can also be used for cats, dogs, and horses, but must be pure or an isolate. THC is dangerous to many non-humans, especially smaller animals. For further questions regarding these animals, please speak with your local veterinarian.


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