CBD Gummy Color Psychology Breakdown



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Almost everyone has a favorite color, but what exactly do colors mean psychologically? Ever wondered why that might be? Are you curious about what your favorite color says about you? Or about the colors of things you see on an everyday basis?

Feel Good Edibles are colorful people who sell colorful CBD gummies! Our delicious, fruity CBD gummies come in a variety of colors. How might your choice of CBD gummy reveal something about yourself? Read on to find out!

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This week, Feel Good Edibles is taking you on a deep dive into Color Psychology, the study of how colors impact our choices and behaviors. Or, as puts it, “Unconscious or otherwise, color can evoke emotions, inspire reactions, and change modes of thinking. It can excite or soothe your mood, raise or lower your blood pressure, and even whet your appetite! Whether it’s innate or learned, it’s undeniable that color has a vital impact on how we go about our lives.”

Our bear CBD gummies are one of our best-selling products, and we think we know why. First, bears are adorable; but second – you get 4 different colors (and fruit flavors) per order! Blue, yellow, orange, and green colored CBD gummies come in each potent bottle. The only question is: which colored gummy will you eat first?




Blue creates feelings of calm, trust, and comfort. Think about all the little things in your life that might be blue. Website links, ATM screens, credit/debit cards, and signage, to name a few. Believe it or not, the majority of people pick blue as their favorite color. When asked to picture something blue, most people think of a still body of water, contemplative and calm. Trustworthiness is also why many corporations make their logos blue. For example, GM, Sears, Lowes, Walmart, HP, Chase, Visa, Gap, Ford, Dell, IBM, and PayPal all feature blue logos. They want us to trust the services they provide, and since these are some of the most successful brands in the United States, it seems to be working.




Everyone has had a “lightbulb moment” where a new idea enters their mind completely unbidden. When someone is intelligent, people often call them “bright”. Both of these ideas come from yellow, the brightest color on the spectrum. Newness, intelligence, fresh possibilities, brilliant ideas – all of these are associated with yellow. Yellow is also a good color to catch people’s attention. Think about the classic taxicab – bright yellow contrasted against black. In a sea of moving traffic, they’re the easiest things to pick out. It’s no surprise then that National Geographic, Best Buy, Nikon, and Post-Its all primarily use yellow in their logos. All of these companies stand out in their respective fields. Not only that, they rely on a reputation of highly intelligent employees, products, and brand culture. If you’re looking to give your outfit an IQ boost, yellow might be the color for you.




Another upbeat color, orange is psychologically associated with positivity, rejuvenation, and creativity. Orange is also known to lower people’s inhibitions, making them act looser and more creatively. People often associate orange with the tropics and sunsets on the beach. Can you imagine a more positive, rejuvenating location? Think about the logos for Nickelodeon, Home Depot, and Harley Davidson. All of these brands are known for their creativity and customizability. People go to Home Depot and Harley Davidson to work on individualized projects for their homes or bikes – a very creative process. If you’re looking to feel creative and uninhibited, try popping an orange CBD gummy bear and wearing your favorite orange t-shirt.

While our potent CBD gummy bears feature a green bear, so do our apple-flavored gummies. Rounding out the colors is red, the color of another fruit flavor – our cherry CBD gummies. What do the colors of our 2 delicious fruit CBD gummies say about you?




Along with blue, green is a color that deeply resonates with humanity’s past and current psychology. Blue is the color of the sky and oceans. Green is the color of nature and can be associated with growth, vitality, and productivity. Think about how many brands value the “great outdoors” – nature, in other words. John Deere, Animal Planet, and Land Rover all have prominent green logos. Look no further for brands that embrace productivity and growth – Starbucks for one, and QuickBooks tax prep programs for another. And let’s not forget that green is the color of money, of success. Fidelity, TD Bank, and H&R Block all have green logos, and are all companies closely tied to money and wealth. Take one of our apple CBD gummies, grab yourself a Starbucks coffee, and go change the world!




As you might guess, red is the color of passion, strong emotions, danger, and strength. While yellow may stand out, red attracts more attention overall for its ability to warn us of danger. Think about red lights, stop signs, or do-not-enter signs. All are red and alerting you that ignoring them could lead to danger. Being the color of passion, red also raises a person’s heart rate, metabolism, and blood pressure. If you want to leave a strong, lasting impression, think about choosing red. Time, CNN, and Marvel all use red in their logos – and are some of the top competitors in their industries. Let our red, cherry-flavored CBD gummies ignite your passion and strength.


So What’s the Point in All This Color?

As you can see, colors affect us in ways we don’t consciously recognize. The next time you see a company logo or the packaging for a product, pay attention to the colors. It can tell you what the company values, the message they’re sending about their product, and whether or not (based on your own color psychology) you would be more or less compatible with it.

Missing the point

Also, consider color psychology in the way you dress. Want to seem intelligent for a job interview? Add some yellow to your outfit; it will subconsciously suggest to the interviewer that you’re intelligent and full of good ideas! Going to a party with your artsy friends? Throw some orange into your outfit to feel loose and creative.

If you decide to own a vehicle, think about what your color choice will say to the world around you. It’s a fact that red cars get almost more tickets than any other – the color suggests aggression and danger. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum are blue cars. They receive fewer tickets than many other colors, likely because of the calming, peaceful, and trusting effect it has on viewers.

CBD Gummy Bears

Now is your chance to try out color psychology for yourself! Purchase some of our delicious, potent, fruit CBD gummies and see which colors you gravitate towards – there are no wrong answers. Leave a comment on our social media feeds and tell us your favorite color of Feel Good Edibles CBD gummy!