CBD is in Grey


Grey space–it’s the middle area that demands attention. And, CBD, is in such a grey space.

Alcohol, hard drugs, and smoking are just a few examples of things within the black-and-white space. Alcohol is dangerous to developing brains and can cause permanent damage. And, (in the US) the drinking age is hard-lined at 21. Hard drugs are strictly forbidden and any use or selling will be treated with extreme prejudice. Smoking, similar to alcohol, has a legal age of 18. It can cause birth defects, cause lung cancer, and utterly destroy someone’s athletic career…

But, where do CBD edibles fit in?


Everyday Life Grey

For most people, taking supplements is a daily occurrence. And, as a person gets older or begins to work out more, obtaining high-quality nutrients can become even more essential and easier to forget. Finding out how to better yourself and finding a way to improve your well-being can mean the difference between feeling good… and feeling bad.

Everyone can use a little bit of calm in their life. You don’t need to be a teenager to experiment with how you become calm, although there are less dangerous ways to go about it than smoking. Take edibles, as an example.

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CBD is safer in edible form than smoking, that much is certain, but it is a fairly new product that many countries are only just making legal. The claims state that CBD can reduce stress, but where are the facts to back them? 


Proof That CBD Shouldn’t Be In Grey Space

Below are three credible sources and studies that can help ease some uncertainty related to the grey zone that CBD is, unfortunately, lingering in.

NCBI Journal of Cannabis Research 2021 Research

A Canadian medical cannabis clinic did an observational study involving how CBD usage affects its user’s mental distress. A sample was taken from people with an overall poor well-being.

Using the ESAS-r scale, those participating in the study put a number to their levels of distress. By the first follow-up, all people who had taken CBD had lower ESAS-r scores, meaning they were feeling better taking CBD vs. taking nothing at all.

Harvard Health Publishing 2021 Article

Peter Grinspoon, MD, writer of this particular Harvard article, explains several general facts about CBD. Such as it can help ease certain physical and mental issues.

CDC 2022 CBD Information 

The CDC, founded in 1946 in Atlanta, Georgia, is now a worldwide center designed to keep the health of humans to the highest degree. Then, the CDC published an article on CBD’s advantages and side effects.

The CDC explains many important things related to the usage of and the effects of CBD. However, something of note is that CBD does have official, FDA-approved medicinal use. Epidiolex is an FDA-approved, purified CBD medicine. Derived from hemp, CBD is scientifically proven to help treat rare seizure disorders.



At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. But, science backs the truth. If there is any chance of feeling better and healthier, there is little harm in trying out something safe you haven’t tried before.