Can CBD Help With Pain Relief?


Pain Relief and CBD

Thousands of people have incorporated CBD into their lives as a source of pain relief. Why? Because they’ve found that it works for them. As marijuana and hemp gain popularity in the medical industry, there have been more and more testimonials for their benefits.

You might find CBD in the metaphorical medicine cabinets of thousands. I say “metaphorical medicine cabinets” because CBD has begun to make its way out of orange pill bottles and into the fridges and pantries of many. Of those who use CBD, 22% said it helped them supplement or replace prescription or over-the-counter drugs (Consumer Reports, 2019). Although research hasn’t definitively confirmed CBD’s abilities in relieving pain, the testimonials continue to accumulate. 


Who Uses CBD for Pain Relief

We all know that pain is a part of life and that pain relief is sought out by all of us. Some of us have physically demanding jobs, partake in sports, or simply have been experiencing chronic pain for a long, long time. Although CBD isn’t the cure-all it may help with easing some of the pain.


CBD Gummies and Pain Relief

A need for pain relief was the catalyst for our founders’ creation of their line of CBD gummies; Feel Good Edibles. Our founders’ mother was an early advocate for Cannabidiol and used edibles every day for symptom relief. Due to health reasons, she couldn’t smoke or vape and disliked tincture droplets. The brothers’ mother consumed their CBD gummies every day until losing her battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2018.

Our founders’ mother wasn’t the only one who benefitted from the gummies’ feel-good properties. As Feel Good Edibles grows and shares its message, more and more have been able to use CBD gummies to relieve their pain.

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One of our athlete ambassadors, Prince Ekwughalu, has been playing football for years, and the intensity of college sports has taken a toll on him. In his Division 1 football career, Prince now uses Feel Good Edible’s CBD gummies to cope with the pain and avoid the drug-use regulations and addictive substances that riddle the league. Prince says, “CBD has been amazing in helping my body after a long practice and workouts. I had not used it much before this season but it is helping in (my) recovery a lot. My body is feeling much better than it had in the past following a long workout,” and we couldn’t have been happier to have played a role in that.


Traditional Medicine vs. CBD for Pain Relief

Despite the documented negative effects, opioids are widely used for pain management. Opioids are addictive and often worsen the quality of life for their users. CBD is proposed as an opioid alternative, having comparable effectiveness with a better safety profile (National Library of Medicine). 

A 2019 study observed opioid users and how CBD would impact their reliance on traditional drugs. After adding CBD extract to their treatment regimens, 53% were able to reduce their reliance on opioids, and 94% of CBD users said their quality of life had improved (Medical News Today). Many who seek out pain relief don’t want to depend on prescription drugs, they’d rather try more holistic and natural options, like CBD.


Does CBD Cure Pain?

Simply put; no. As CBD use is only recently gaining popularity, there isn’t enough research to make any bold conclusions on its effects. What we do know is that CBD can help you feel good. CBD gummies may lighten your symptoms, ease your pains, and overall take the edge off. CBD isn’t a cure-all, but it can make your aches and pains a bit easier to handle.