A Deeper Dive Into First-Time CBD Purchasers


The Niche

It’s time to take a deeper dive into what makes edibles worth purchasing and how you may go about deciding what your first edible might be.

First, it’s no secret that many individuals view vegan and organic products favorably, regardless of religion or culture. Doing good for the environment is something that today’s generation is highly inclined to accomplish, even if through 3rd party applications. 

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Identifying the niche you’re interested in now, will save a lot of heartache later. For example, some companies may sell all sorts of CBD products that have unlabeled THC in them as well. On the flip side, some companies sell CBD products without THC, such as Feel Good Edibles. While both may benefit your needs, having a narrow market may give yourself one, strong brand or type to stick with. Meanwhile, having a broad market could potentially give a yourself too many choice due to the different brand/edible personalities.


The Laws

Understanding the laws and regulations of CBD, per state, is extremely important. If this is not done right, there could be potential lawsuits and order shutdowns aimed at the businesses you may be interested in. As unimportant as you, the consumer, may believe a good legal framework is–it is essential for a company to have good integrity and long-lasting motivation. A strong, well-put-together business lasts for the many years to come, and many years more of your enjoyment. Research the companies you may be interested in purchasing edibles from prior to purchasing any edibles.


The Budget

Finally, you need to analyze your budget and finances. Determine how much you are willing to spend on edibles before making a purchase. 


The Conclusion

It is important to find a business around your particular target audience. Especially, if you know you could benefit from the product. And, after determining your budget, it is important to research and think hard on what company you plan to purchase from to prevent any