Spring Break with CBD


It’s official; as of March 20th, spring is here!  Blooming flowers, baby animals, and lots of sunshine – what’s not to like?  Feel Good Edibles wants to kick off the new season by celebrating all of the ways there are to enjoy springtime and feel good. Whether you’re going on a spring break trip across the country, doing some spring cleaning, or enjoying the outdoors, Feel Good Edibles CBD gummies are the perfect snacks to focus, relax and recharge you! 


How Can CBD Help with Travel Anxiety?

The worst part of any spring break getaway is the traveling.  If traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you may be in for the long haul.  Red-eye flights, crowded stations, and high gas prices can put a bad taste in your mouth before your trip even begins.   Feel Good Edibles CBD gummies are there to take the edge off your travel woes and replace that sour taste with something delicious and fruity.  

Travel anxiety is no joke.  Packed airports, long travel hours, and last-minute changes stop people from exploring the amazing places our world has to offer.  If that sounds like you, no worries!  Feel Good Edibles have you covered.  CBD gummies are legal to travel with on planes, as long as they contain 0.3% THC or less (our gummies are completely THC-free!).  Our potent gummies create a sense of relaxation and calm that lasts for several hours.  If you’ve got the jitters before boarding, dread during train rides, or panic on the highway, give Feel Good Edibles CBD gummies a try!     


Sleep Your Way There with CBD

But who wants to stay awake for the whole trip anyway?  Arrive at your spring break destination rested and ready for adventure!  CBD promotes restful sleep, even under the bumpiest travel conditions. And once you’re at your hotel, who knows how lumpy the pillow might be or how many working springs the bed has left?  Don’t leave yourself hanging – bring your Feel Good Edible CBD gummies and get a good night’s sleep.


CBD and Spring Break Fun

No matter what kind of spring break experience you choose, CBD can help you make the most of it.  More and more, people are ditching alcohol for CBD and other legal alternatives to enjoy themselves in social settings.  Pop a Feel Good Edibles CBD gummy and enjoy a chill night out with friends.  And if alcohol-fueled ragers are your thing (no judgment here!), the pain-managing effects of CBD may just help you crawl your way out of a bad hangover.


CBD for the Great Outdoors

For many people, spring means time to get back outdoors.  Trails are waiting to be hiked, bikes taken out of garages, and running shoes rescued from the corners of closets.  While enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, it’s easy to forget how hard you’re working your muscles.  Reduce soreness, relax body tension, and calm your mind after an intense spring workout with Feel Good Edibles 100% natural, THC-free, fruit gummies.  

No matter your plans for this spring, keep Feel Good Edibles CBD gummies in mind if you need to relax, rest, recharge, and recover!