Shows, Movies, and CBD


Cannabis has many popular shows that dramatize or simply vocalize the struggles surrounding cannabis (especially illegal) cultivation and situations.

TV shows mentioning cannabis include Weeds (2005), High Maintenance (2016), and Disjointed (2017). Movies mentioning/about cannabis include Dazed and Confused (1993), Pineapple Express (2008), and We’re the Millers (2013). But, cannabis is a well-known drug, so the media is sure to mention it. Yet, that leaves CBD, the little cannabinoid that could, alone. So, where’s all the CBD in the media? That question is a little more difficult to answer.


Documentative Shows

CBD Nation (2020)

CBD Nation is a documentary about “the real research and evidence surrounding one of the safest, most therapeutically active medicines known to humanity” (IMBD). A lot of emphasis is on CBD during the film.

Kings of Kush (2021)

A film created as a documentation of Anthony Sullivan’s hemp farm. The show speaks of the importance of CBD to those who could benefit from it medically. Unfortunately, like many other CBD-based shows, the series was canceled after only one season.

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Cooking Shows

Although not focused completely on CBD, some CBD cooking TV shows include Cooked With Cannabis, Bong Appetit, and Cooking on High. 

However, almost as if it’s a trend, all of those shows have been either canceled or put on hold for renewal.

Cooked with Cannabis (2020)

The second season of this show has not aired yet, despite its relatively high reviews. 

Bong Appetit (2016)

Managing to be one of the few nonfiction CBD/cannabis-based shows getting past the first season, this TV show was going into its 4th season when it was canceled. However, the reason for the cancellation seems to have to do with the host quitting due to certain allegations. Bong Appetit had such a successful run because of how critically acclaimed it was. This show seemed to have something special about it that all the other TV shows did not.

Cooking on High (2018)

Canceled after the first season, this show also faced moderate commercial success.


The Trend

Although the above list doesn’t include all the shows that include CBD within them, there is a worrying trend among each of them. Reality shows, meant for multiple seasons, have nearly all been canceled after the first season.

Given the variety of shows and hosts, the assumption that “all the shows had bad hosts” or ”the production value was bad” doesn’t seem quite so certain. CBD is a recovering stigma, as many people still believe that cannabis itself is the bane of humanity.

Perhaps all the cancellations are because of the suspicion surrounding cannabis. Or, perhaps it is the fear of the unknown or simply not knowing what CBD is. Compared to other, commercialized drugs, CBD is not often brought into the limelight. And, as the films above may prove, CBD doesn’t seem to have gained enough popularity to catch the attention of the viewers quite yet.

The best way, however, to fix all that would be to continue making CBD content and spreading the word that maybe, just maybe, CBD isn’t so bad after all.