CBD for the THC User: Bringing Two Cannabis-Cousins Together

DALL·E 2024-01-20 15.29.03 – A fancy watercolor painting of a cannabis plant divided into two sections, with the left side labeled ‘THC’ and the right side labeled ‘CBD’. The THC

In case you couldn’t already tell, we here at Feel Good Edibles are BIG fans of CBD–makes sense, right? However, CBD isn’t the only chemical compound found in cannabis. THC, another organic compound, is contained in the plant as well. It has the active chemical in marijuana, producing elevating, intoxicating effects. THC products can take many forms: flowers, vapes, gummies, tinctures, and oils (among others). But can you combine these cousin chemicals? What are the interactions between THC and CBD? And what about CBD for the THC user?

How can adding CBD to your THC consumption change or enhance your experience?  We take a look at these questions and more – keep reading below.


The Entourage Effect

Can you enjoy both CBD and THC at the same time?  Is it safe?  The simple answer is: ‘yes’.  When taken together, cannabis-derived products work better than using those products by themselves.  This is called The Entourage Effect, and fortunately has nothing to do with the 8-season HBO show of the same name (just kidding – that show has a few good episodes).  Using CBD in combination with THC products can reduce certain unwanted side effects, such as fatigue, nervousness, and a heightened appetite.  While more research needs to be done, it seems that CBD and THC may make a good pair together, provided you enjoy both. 

However, THC isn’t for everyone; in fact, many people are choosing to drop weed altogether.  What does CBD use to look like in that context?


CBD Can Help You Quit Using Marijuana

You may want to give yourself a THC tolerance break, or maybe you’re done with weed altogether.  Either way, CBD can be the key to quitting or cutting back.  According to a peer-reviewed study in Integrative Medicine: A Physician’s Journal, CBD reduces the addictive nature of marijuana and can help people reduce their THC intake.  The study focuses specifically on CBD oil, but it may be likely that our fruity, potent CBD gummies produce an identical or similar effect.  

Unfortunately, as of 2022, there exists no reliable therapy to help people with problematic cannabis abuse conditions.  It’s increasingly looking like CBD will be filling that role, allowing people to taper their THC, ultimately stopping if they want to, without too many negative side effects or withdrawals.    


CBD & THC – Pros and Cons

cbd pros and cons

Maybe you’re debating whether to use CBD or THC.  What are the pros and cons of each?  Why might you choose one over the other?

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THC – Pros

  • Strong body and mind elevation; feelings of euphoria
  • May reduce anxiety, promote restful sleep, increase appetite, and reduce the unwanted effects of certain medical conditions

THC – Cons

  • THC has limited national legality
  • THC can be prohibitively expensive, either legally or illegally
  • THC is an intoxicant – meaning that it impairs you – you shouldn’t drive, operate machinery or engage in potentially risky or unsafe behaviors while taking THC 
  • Illegally acquired marijuana can be impure, of substandard quality, and sometimes risky to purchase and carry


CBD – Pros

  • While still fighting for legality in some parts of the country, for the most part, CBD is more legally accessible than THC
  • While creating feelings of wellness, healthy sleep patterns, pain-relief, and reduced anxiety, CBD WILL NOT impair you.  Driving, performing work duties, or running to the store for a quick errand – you can do all of these with no issues on CBD
  • CBD products (particularly ours here at Feel Good Edibles) are made in a state-of-the-art factory with standardized doses, high-quality ingredients, and quality control
  • Depending on the state and applicable taxes, CBD products are generally less expensive than THC products

CBD – Cons

  • CBD is less well-known and used than THC (though this is changing by the day)
  • Depending on your area, CBD may be illegal or difficult to purchase (again, this is changing by the day)


Some Final Thoughts

We don’t want to come off as THC-negative; we at Feel Good Edibles fully support THC use where legal, particularly for those people who use it for mental or physical health relief.  Whether you choose to combine your THC with CBD, use CBD to taper THC us,e or are trying to choose between the two, remember: it’s up to you!

Do your research (though hopefully, this guide helped a bit), and decide for yourself.  Just remember, we have gummies in a range of potencies, flavors, and shapes, so find one that fits your needs and start feeling good!