5 Little-Known Facts of Using CBD for Anxiety and Depression


CBD for Anxiety and Depression

CBD holds a treasure trove of therapeutic uses. Using CBD for anxiety and depression has proved itself to be particularly helpful. 

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CBD for social anxiety

Using CBD for Social Anxiety: How Does It Help?

Using CBD for social anxiety

According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. These affects 40 million adults every year. Unfortunately, Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) usually begins around age 13 . Approximately 36% of people struggle for 10 years before finally seeking help.  Read more

CBD for insomnia

CBD for Insomnia: Natural Way to Get a Good Night’s Sleep


CBD for insomnia

For every other person, insomnia is nothing but a convenient excuse for being loopy in the morning. For an actual 1/3 of the population, failure to get a good night’s sleep is a thing that nightmares are made of. It’s about lying helplessly awake, about being constantly tired, and about never doing anything right.  Read more

CBD for stress

Dealing with Stress as a College Student: How the Right Dose of Cannabidiol Can Help You


Use CBD for stress at college

It seems such an exciting experience to take a major step in pursuing your career dreams and enter the college. Cheers! You are a college student from now on! So what is there impatiently waiting for you round the corner?  Knowledge, skills,  reading,  writing, brainstorming, essays, midterms and finals plus lots of stressing about to figure out all the other aspects of your life.  Read more

The therapeutic potential of the cannabidiol

CBD Benefits List: Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Cannabidiol


The therapeutic potential of the cannabiniod

Over the recent years, scientists have been uncovering more and more amazing abilities of cannabinoids, chemical compounds found in cannabis sativa plant. Each of the over 80 cannabinoids has shown a unique therapeutic potential.
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