CBD Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing the Right CBD Products

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Winter holidays are around the corner! There are no exams to take, no errands to run, no job pressures to worry about, and we all want to take the chance to have a cool time with friends or alone and get some energy for the rest of the year. 

Besides indulging ourselves with an extra piece of pie, we want to try new things and experience feelings we never had before. The only thing we worry about is having fun responsibly without creating problems or intoxicating our bodies.

Well, it’s not a problem. Science has finally recognized something that’s not only fun and relaxing but also completely safe and even beneficial for your health. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the main components found in hemp plant in large concentrations. It is used in the production of high CBD hemp oil, sprays and CBD edibles. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the other well-known chemical of cannabis plant, CBD is absolutely non-psychoactive and is completely safe to use. Moreover, it offers a great number of medicinal and therapeutic effects for your body. Having the proven potential to alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms, cannabidiol (CBD) products are becoming more and more popular among people who want to find natural alternatives to reduce stress and tension and to soothe their minds.

If you have finally decided to start your CBD experience to bring some fun and relaxation to your life, you surely want to buy the best CBD edibles without wasting a fortune on something that doesn’t bring about the desired effect. But you may find it challenging to make up your mind among the great variety of CBD products with different CBD volume and delivery methods: oils, edibles, chewing gums, extracts, etc.

No worries! Here are several factors you should take into account in order to find the CBD products that meet your expectations.

Administration route and bioavailability

When you purchase any kind of product, you want to get most out of it. In terms of cannabidiol products, this means finding the administration route that gets the optimal dose of CBD into your bloodstream without causing undesirable side effects.

The only way which provides a 100% absorption into the bloodstream is the direct injection into the veins which is impossible for CBD.

The most effective delivery method for CBD is inhalation either by smoking or vaporization. It provides up to 35% of absorption into the blood. The next administration route in terms of high bioavailability is sublingual or oral intake when CBD is taken either under the tongue or is swallowed in the form of hemp oil, sublingual sprays and CBD edibles. CBD gummies

The rate of bioavailability can be important for health conditions that require fast amelioration and high level of CBD in your bloodstream. Inhalation route is more appropriate for recreational use, while oral administration is easier and more convenient  if you need to have only a little amount of CBD in your bloodstream for a longer period.

Onset and duration of action

The speed and duration of the relaxing effect of CBD vary depending on the delivery method. The quickest way to feel the effect from CBD is inhalation since this method allows direct absorption into the bloodstream through the lungs. The onset of orally or sublingually consumed CBD is much slower. It can take from 30 to 90 minutes till you start feeling the wave of relaxation over your body. Instead, the effect of orally ingested CBD edibles, such as gummies or lollies, lasts from 4 to 6 hours which is way longer than the effect of smoking or vaping. This long-lasting effect makes CBD edibles a good option for people who want to reduce pain and suffering with the help of medical hemp oil.

In order to avoid the overconsumption of CBD you should take a small dose and wait at least an hour before deciding to take another portion. For new users it’s recommended to take small daily portions at the beginning and then up the amount when you feel your body has got used to it.

Personal preference and ease of use

The features of CBD products are all equally important but at the end it’s all about your personal taste and needs. For people who can’t stand the flavor of cannabis, CBD capsules and sweet edibles with different fruity flavors are a more preferable option. These products are made of pure hemp extract, hence are totally safe to consume and don’t have any psychoactive effect. cbd lollipops

Convenience of use is another key factor when choosing a CBD edible. Especially if you aren’t a recreational user, you are more likely to look for something that’s small in size, easily portable and doesn’t attract much attention. In this case CBD edibles and chewing gums are the best option for you since you can unnoticeably carry them in your pocket and use whenever you need. Bear-shaped CBD gummies or fun and colorful lollies can be taken anywhere with you and won’t attract unnecessary attention.

In a word, when buying CBD products always remember to think of your personal needs, preference, taste and convenience. Find what works for you, and you will surely get the desired effect.