How to Get Rid of Everyday Anxiety Issues with CBD

cbd and anxiety

Anxiety is becoming a common occurrence nowadays. Approximately one in four adults has some kind of anxiety. Truth be told, the condition is not too alarming, yet it still is a nuisance to treat and it can certainly present an obstacle. Just because it is a common occurrence does not mean that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. After all, anxiety disorders can prevent you from having a normal social life, which in itself is enough to actively work on solutions.

One of the possible solutions is non psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD), which can be a great treatment for anxiety. So, if you are wondering how to get rid of anxiety, CBD is definitely something that can be of great help. Unlike THC, CBD will never make your anxieties worse; all it will do is make you feel like you have been enveloped by a warm and soothing blanket. Furthermore, CBD won’t affect your cognitive functions like THC, which makes it a far more reliable medicine.

Here are some of the everyday anxieties you can treat with CBD.

Social anxiety

Truth be told, a lot of people associate cannabis with social anxiety, or at least think of it as a social anxiety booster. As mentioned, high doses of THC may draw out anxiety, and thus their claims are somewhat justified. However, CBD has the exact opposite effect. In the event of a social anxiety attack, using CBD will be like breathing in fresh air.

If you are out in the open or in a public place, or if you need to attend a social gathering with a lot of new people and unfamiliar faces, CBD can significantly reduce the over-excitement you are experiencing. You can have normal conversations without being nervous and spend the entire event stress free.

Obsessing over hypothetical situations

CBD for anxiety

Our brains can create different scenarios, and if our imagination starts to run wild, our bodies can react to these simulations. In other words, we can get hyped, happy, sad, or even scared by simply thinking about different things. Although it is good to be prepared, worrying too much over a hypothetical situation can be extremely stressful and unhealthy.

Much like with social anxiety, CBD can help you out, as it can calm your nerves, and return you to your normal condition. Since you won’t feel like you are sedated, you will be able to go on with your daily life just fine. Moreover, the herbal compound is also a potent antioxidant, which helps you protect your body from the negative effects of stress.

Deadlines anxiety

Whether you are an employee, a manager, or a student, deadlines are a common part of your life. Since it is impossible to control every aspect of our life, sooner or later, we end up in a race against the clock. A sudden new project can appear, or we can forget about the exam, or simply, we have been postponing our duties for too long; whatever the case, the approaching deadline is never pleasant.

Stressing about deadlines only makes our performance worse, and very often, by trying to do things in a hurry, we make mistakes and end up slowing ourselves down. It is imperative that you remain composed and just accept that you will need to give it all you’ve got. So, just take some CBD, collect yourself, and start finishing your tasks.

Fear of flying

how to get rid of anxiety

The fear of flying is another quite common occurrence, and people who are uncomfortable or scared tend to avoid these scenarios at all cost. Unfortunately, you can never know what life has in store for you, and it is not uncommon for you to have to fly somewhere as there is no other way of reaching a particular location.

If you need to board a flight, do not worry, all it takes is a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue or eat a fun CBD gummy and you will be all set. You will be doing everyone a favour, as all of the passengers tend to be edgy a bit when they are on the flight, and creating an unnecessarily stressful situation is not the way to go.

Public speaking

The fear of public speaking or performance are also common sources of anxiety.  Even if you are not pursuing a career of an entertainer, your job or status might require you to address the public. Whether you are managing projects, or doing a collage presentation, being too anxious will reflect poorly on your performance. Furthermore, you might be one of those people in your class who avoid asking questions just out of fear of being in spotlight for a few seconds.

These are the situations in which anxiety is making your life more difficult than it has to be, and if you want to be prepared, CBD can help you improve your cognitive performance in these scenarios. A research conducted with social anxiety patients has shown that 600 mg of CBD consumed before a public speaking activity made the experience significantly less stressful for the patients.  

So, if you are suffering from stress and wondering how to get rid of anxiety, it’s clear that CBD can be an extremely effective counter measure. There’s no reason to think twice. If you’re still skeptical, simply try one as no harm can come. It’s perfectly safe and legal.