The CBD Side Effects You Should Know Before Consumption

cbd side effects

Along with THC, Cannabidiol is one of the most popular substances in the family of cannabinoids – chemical compounds found in cannabis plant. However, considering the reputation THC still carries, even though states worldwide are in the process of legalizing marijuana, CBD too is perceived as an addictive substance that damages the human metabolism.

Many studies have shown the exact opposite of that, but nevertheless these two compounds have a different effect. In fact, cannabidiol has less side effects, as well as many useful properties – it’s a powerful antioxidant, it can be very helpful when it comes to fighting tumors and, interestingly enough, it can help make your motion sickness problems disappear.

Unlike THC, CBD is a natural antidepressant and it’s capable of preserving the health of your nerves. However, it does come with some minor side effects, if consumed in very large doses or due to certain pre-existing health issues. So before consumption, you should be well-aware of the possible CBD side effects to make sure that you are having fun responsibly without creating problems for your health.

Neutralization of P450 Enzymes

Introducing this compound to your body can lead to the process of neutralization of P450 enzymes. These enzymes are a part of your liver’s microenvironment, but the effect CBD can have on your enzymes isn’t stronger than that of one grapefruit, it’s only temporary and your body is capable of rebuilding neutralized enzymes without any problem.

You should also know that cannabidiol is an interactive compound, which will mix with a line of medical substances used in the pharmaceutical industry. So you need to consult your doctor and ask their opinion before you make CBD a part of your therapy.

Dry Mouth

If you’re a smoker or use a mouthwash that contains alcohol, you should be familiar with the dry mouth phenomenon – the only thing you’ll actually feel is thirst. Although this may be an unpleasant feeling, having a dry mouth isn’t damaging to your overall health.

This side effect occurs because CBD interacts with the glands that are in charge of producing saliva, causing them to produce less saliva than they normally would. If you were looking for a way to drink more water on a daily basis, CBD will definitely help you.

Increased Muscle Movement

People with Parkinson’s disease should be careful when it comes to consuming cannabidiol; if taken in a large dose, it can increase tremor, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. We have already mentioned that it has a high level of interaction with substances commonly used in regular drugs, so before taking CBD make sure to consult your doctor and, of course, act in accordance with their instructions.

Other than this side-effect, which only occurs when a patient takes a dose which is significantly higher than recommended, cannabidiol has proven to be a helpful ally in the battle against this condition.

Blood Pressure Drop

If you have a medical condition that’s related to your cardiovascular system, it is imperative that you consult your caregiver about the consequences that CBD can have on your physical state. Although consuming cannabidiol will only result in a slight decrease in blood pressure, it may be problematic if your blood pressure is generally low.


side effects of CBD

In larger doses, CBD can make you quite sleepy. Interestingly enough, the effect is quite opposite if you consume it in modest doses. If you intend on driving or working with any kind of heavy machinery, it’s really not recommended to do so if you have consumed large doses of this substance – like you normally shouldn’t when you feel drowsy and when you lack focus. However, as long as you take the prescribed dose, you will be just fine.


Another cannabidiol side effect is lightheadedness. Obviously, this is a consequence of the effect we already mentioned above – lowered blood pressure. Unless you’re already dealing with fatigue because you have a medical condition with this consequence, lightheadedness isn’t at all dangerous. This CBD side effect can be simply solved if you’d drink a cup of your favorite refreshing drink that contains caffeine, like a cup of coffee or tea.

As we can see, cannabidiol isn’t dangerous at all, and is actually incredibly safe when consumed in the prescribed dose. Caution is recommended in cases when you’re already dealing with a condition, and you need to listen to your doctor about whether or not you should consume it; if you don’t do as recommended, your recovery will be longer.

You should also know that this compound is very powerful when it comes to battling mental disorders; it establishes a natural balance in your brain chemistry by regulating your mood and general mental function. Benefits of cannabidiol are magnificent; the only thing you need to do is determine whether it’s properties will agree with the drug mix that was already prescribed to you before consumption.