What are CBD Edibles’ Effects on Creativity?

CBD edibles effects for improving creativity

Cannabis and Creativity

Are you in a creative slump? Are you struggling for ideas? We call it the artist’s block or writer’s block, and it happens to the best of us. Whether you’re a writer or painter or your job needs creative thinking, CBD edibles’ effects may help jumpstart your creative process.

For a creative person, a few things can be more intimidating than looking at a blank canvas or page. Where to start? How to become stimulated?

Going for a walk, listening to music, focusing on something else for a moment is a good idea. But what if after you come back to the blank canvas, nothing works again?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound from the cannabis plant that is packed full of benefits. It may also have an effect on the creative process.

CBD Edibles’ Effects May Help Boost Your Creativity

CBD edibles effects for creativity

People have been using cannabis for a long time to boost creativity. Cannabis and imaginative thoughts come hand-in-hand. It’s even become a stereotype that it can make someone too thoughtful, resulting in illogical and bizarre ideas. Think of the conversations you’ve had while smoking: great times.

Cannabis and the arts often work well together, especially if you use it in low doses. In high doses, it can temporarily affect your cognitive functioning and judgement. Yet CBD is a compound of cannabis that provides the positive benefits without any psychoactive effects. We sometimes call it the marijuana without the high.

For starters, there are incredible, whole-body benefits to be gained from CBD products such as edibles. Often, a lack of creativity results from a variety of life factors: stress, worries, exhaustion, etc. When your body isn’t healthy, your mind also suffers.

CBD generally can help one achieve emotional and physical balance in their life. It provides natural and therapeutic relief for the multitude of ailments that distract our minds away from the creative process.

CBD provides increased blood flow to the frontal lobe, which is a part of decision-making, learning, and creativity. CBD also provides a  release of dopamine, which is the “feel-good hormone.”

With a general balance in your life, CBD can help you boost your creativity. That blank canvas or page doesn’t always have to be intimidating. Imagine being on a roll, thought after thought leading to one idea after another.

CBD also helps with the brain’s creative recovery process. After extended creative work, your mind can suffer from exhaustion and a blockage of new ideas. Due to the recovery effects of CBD, one can get back to work faster and more refreshed.

Evidence of CBD Helping the Creative Process

Since the legalization of marijuana, a variety of studies have been conducted regarding the effects of cannabis and creativity. Many people started using CBD back in the 1960s even though this compound of Cannabis has become especially popular now among the younger population.  One study mentions how CBD helps us to think out of the box and come up with new concepts. This, in turn, results in a creativity boost.

In addition to the many benefits, cannabis and creativity are often linked. Cannabis and CBD can enhance focus. The absence of focus affects our productivity. Certain strains of this plant are responsible for increasing focus and concentration. Cannabis can also help you to connect abstract ideas in unique ways. And certainly, it can encourage introspection. CBD increases blood flow to the brain, one of the most important neurological aspects to engage your imagination. Literally, it gets the creative juices flowing.

Give it a Try

Say goodbye to artist’s block. CBD comes in a variety of forms and flavors. You can buy cannabidiol products at your local dispensary or from trusted online sources. Whether you’re new at trying CBD products or you’re a pro, make sure you do your research. Weigh your options and buy what’s best for you. Unlock your creativity!