5 Little-Known Facts of Using CBD for Anxiety and Depression


CBD for Anxiety and Depression

CBD holds a treasure trove of therapeutic uses. Using CBD for anxiety and depression has proved itself to be particularly helpful. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound from the cannabis plant. Although the biochemistry of cannabis is complex, it essentially includes hundreds of compounds—some found in other plants as well. Cannabis, by the way, is also used for recreational purposes.

THC is the compound most people associate with the plant and the one that helps us feel all kinds of…sensations. CBD, however, is the reason why cannabis has been used by different cultures for centuries for a variety of therapeutic uses. It is a specific compound separate from THC.

Modern scientific studies have confirmed that cannabis can and should be used for therapeutic purposes, specifically for anxiety and depression. Moreover, people have used CBD for anxiety and depression for centuries. These are mental disorders that affect many people.

Although these two conditions can be related, anxiety disorder involves feelings of worry and apprehension even when there is not an environmental trigger to cause this stress. Clinical depression is a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Both disorders can impact our lives in profoundly negative ways.

CBD for  Anxiety

We’ve all felt it. We are all affected by anxiety at one point or another and to different degrees. This feeling is normal: from jitters before a date to clammy hands and (back to our early days) the moment before a hunt. But once these stressors are removed or dealt with, the feeling of apprehension and stress should fade, right? Well, sometimes they do not.

Anxiety becomes a problem when feelings of apprehension, concern, and dread do not dissipate and, in fact, stay with you for much longer than they should. If left unchecked, it will only become worse, affecting all aspects of your life: relationships, work, sleep, and nearly anything else you can name.

Symptoms include the inability to relax, persistent worry, and overreaction to stimuli. Many people suffer from this condition. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to provide relief for anxiety. But before we get to the details, let’s discuss another serious topic…

CBD for Depression

Use CBD for anxiety and depression

Highs and lows in your mood are normal. But when a low point becomes the norm, this is something different. Depression is a serious condition that—if ignored—can affect your life in dramatic ways. Depression is a persistent and often constant feeling of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness. This can last for weeks or years. It can feel as if you can’t escape from it, and it can shadow every aspect of your life.

Depression can occur after a major life event or a series of small events. Along with these depressed feelings, some people experience a loss of appetite (or the opposite, eating as a coping mechanism), lack of interest in daily activities, and lack of motivation for daily activities and for the future.

Like anxiety, depression can affect all aspects of your life; and like anxiety, if left unchecked, your life can decline considerably. But you have options: studies show that CDB can also provide relief for depression.

CBD for Anxiety and Depression? YES!

You may know little to nothing about CBD. Let’s lay it out:

1. Relief for anxiety and depression

Studies have shown that CBD can help relieve the symptoms of both anxiety and depression. These modern studies have confirmed what many cultures practised for centuries: using CBD for anxiety and depression.

However, now we can extract specific compounds from the cannabis plant. CBD, in particular, is important. CBD has similar effects as commercial anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants. More studies are ongoing, but this has already been established and recognized.

2. Few side effects

CBD has few if any significant side effects. This is important. Many of the commercial medications do have potential (and sometimes serious) side effects. While more scientific studies are in a process, few side effects of CBD  have been identified. Using CBD for anxiety and depression is a safe and natural way to treat these symptoms.

3. Non-habit-forming

CBD is not habit-forming. If you take CBD often for therapeutic purposes, you can stop anytime. Unlike many prescription medications and other drugs, there is no potential for addiction. CBD can be taken when needed, but you can stop anytime.

4. No withdrawal symptoms

There are no withdrawal symptoms associated with CBD. In fact, it is sometimes used to treat withdrawal symptoms of other drugs. Since it is not habit-forming, there is no concern about the negative effects of not taking CBD as you decide to quit. Again, CBD is a safe and natural way to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression.

5. Know what to use

THC can increase the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Recognize the difference between the CBD and THC compounds. THC is the part of cannabis which is often used for recreational purposes. It has certain psychoactive effects and can help you relax. However, while seeming to provide temporary relief for anxiety and depression, in the long-term it can make these conditions worse.

More to Know

CBD comes in a variety of forms including gel capsules, oils for vaping, and topical lotions. You can ingest it sublingually (under the tongue) using tinctures or concentrates. You can also take CBD using commercially-available products such as candy, foods, and beverages.

Taking edibles for anxiety and depression can not only be enjoyable (yum!) but can also deliver the medicinal effects longer and more slowly. Ingesting edibles for anxiety and depression is common, and your options for foods are tasty and virtually endless.

Many studies continue to examine the effects of CBD and other products. Current results and ongoing examinations not only confirm the benefits of CBD: they praise them. This is an exciting time in the advancement, research, and knowledge of the benefits of cannabis. Stay tuned to learn more!