7 Tips on How to Consume CBD Edibles if you are a Beginner


Over recent years, CBD (cannabidiol), a promising component of cannabis sativa plant, has created a buzz among scientists and medical professionals due to its therapeutic potential.

Although there’s still a lot of misinformation and confusion about the benefits of CBD, it’s already rising in popularity as an effective relief for anxiety, depression and pain.
If you’re new to the wonderful world of CBD, you might feel overwhelmed by the contradictory information surrounding this chemical and the great variety of cannabidiol-based products available, from oils and balms to CBD edibles.
To start off with the basics let’s first see what CBD is and what are its potential benefits for your body.

What is CBD?

CBD belongs to the family of over 80 cannabinoids, chemical compounds found in cannabis sativa plant. For many years THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the most-spoken-of cannabinoid responsible for getting cannabis users into a state of euphoria and toxic high, has overshadowed its sibling – CBD, and its significant medical value.

But as more research is being conducted into CBD and its ability to be used for a number of conditions, more and more people become aware of this chemical and its amazing properties.

If you’ve already learnt about the benefits of cannabidiol and decided to bring relaxation into your life relieving everyday stress and anxiety with this natural source of joy and relax, it’s recommendable to learn how to start your experience and how to use CBD to avoid problems.

Here are several tips on how to consume CBD edibles, if you are a beginner.

1. Know what to expect

The most important thing one should know about CBD before using it for the first time is that you shouldn’t expect it to get you high or induce a state of euphoria. Unlike THC, CBD is a totally non-psychotropic substance without mind-altering effects. People who use CBD usually report a lift in mood and chilled-out state of happiness. So the only thing you should be worried about is to choose the right CBD edibles and determine your optimal dose to get the most fun out of your experience.

2. Start small

Everyone has a different reaction to different supplements. So when using CBD for the first time, it’s best to start with the smallest possible dose.  This way you will get used to your body’s reaction. Then increase the dose till you get the desired effect.
Since CBD is used both for fun and for relief, it’s difficult to set a specific dosage which will work for everyone. If all you want is to relax and add some colors or new experiences to your day-to-day life, edibles like fun CBD gummies in different shapes or lollies are the best choice. It’s also recommended to take a few smaller portions during the day instead of one bigger dose.

3. Pay attention to the size

The right dose of CBD varies from person to person. People, who are already familiar with its effect and their body’s response, may prefer a larger dose, while those who want to surf on the waves of positive emotions for the first time will be fine with a smaller portion.
The advantage of CBD edibles is that you can always scale up the dose by eating just a few gummies more at a time or choosing bigger lollies instead. Just make sure to check the concentration of CBD in your product not to exceed the serving size for the dosage you are after.

4. Look for high-quality products

If you try to Google “buy CBD edibles”, you’ll get over half a million results. With so many products only one click away, it’s really tempting to give preference to the lowest possible price. But low price doesn’t always mean high quality, and when it comes to your body and well-being, quality trumps cheap. So you should be careful to check all the possible information about the product before deciding to buy it.
Most producers say they offer the best products with the best ingredients.  But most of the time they don’t have any evidence to support this claim. A conscientious producer or distributor, however, will provide a detailed description of the product. It will indicate the ingredients and the concentration of CBD.

5. Consult your doctor

It’s beyond doubt that CBD offers a huge therapeutic value. CBD is a natural remedy for anxiety and depression. It doesn’t intoxicate the body and has very few side effects which are usually benign. However, scientific research is still needed at this point to uncover the whole potential of this powerful chemical.
Make sure to consult the doctor before switching from your traditional pharmaceuticals to CBD, especially if you are pregnant or have serious health conditions.

6. Know the potential side effects of CBD edibles

Being a safe substance to take, CBD has several minor side effects. It interacts with the body’s own endocannabinoid system, particularly the receptors responsible for producing saliva. CBD can cause a dry sensation in the mouth. Dry mouth will just make you thirsty and won’t last for a long time.
High doses of CBD may also cause a small drop in blood pressure, resulting in lightheadedness or sleepiness. So, if you use medications to control blood pressure, you should first consult a medical specialist before using CBD.

7. Share your experience

And last but not least, remember that sharing is caring. If you want to treat your friends with something special, don’t hesitate to share your colorful CBD gummies with them. It’s always more fun when you experience adventures together. The cool bear-shaped gummies with different fruity flavors will evoke pleasant memories of childhood and bring you happy vibes. Make sure that the time spent with your friends is worry-free and full of enjoyment.

So, there you go! Now that you know how to use CBD safely, you can start your joyful journey to carefree life.