11 Best CBD Strains to Help You Focus


Best strains for focus

In today’s increasingly connected world, you’re constantly surrounded by distraction. You must have read a bunch of info on how to be here and now, haven’t you? You’ve even tried all the tips and tricks, and mental exercises, but everything is in vain…What about cannabis? How can the best strains for focusing help you train your thought? This article will tell you how.

Why Your Mind Gets Off Track

It’s no surprise that minds wander… On average, half of the time… the average attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.
Do you have a difficult time concentrating at work? Psychiatrist Dr Ned Hallowell mentions that even the most clever people have trouble prioritizing which idea to concentrate on first.

Well, what is this “focus?” Think of it as a mental muscle. The better it is, the better you can concentrate on anything around you. This is important for obtaining new knowledge, broadening your mental horizons, reaching your goals, and just being well.

However, wandering mind can also be a real health problem known as ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). People diagnosed with these issues easily lose their focus and need to improve their concentration more than others.

CBD Improves Focus: Best Strains to Focus

best cbd strains for focus
CBD’s (cannabidiol) benefits are becoming more widely endorsed all over the world. The CBD industry is forecasted to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.19% by 2021. So, what are the benefits of this cannabis compound that make for this surge in popularity worldwide?

Well, cannabidiol offers great benefits. Importantly, it doesn’t make people feel “foggy” or “stoned.” When you ingest CBD, it enters into interaction with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The latter acts as a whole-body regulator. So, it’s quite natural that CBD has many therapeutic effects.

Studies show that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD, which are, in fact, types of cannabinoids, have a neuroprotective power. This means they can protect your cognitive functions.

What CBD does is  it directly interacts with the dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is the  chemical neurotransmitter that helps you remember, focus, and have mental awareness. Moreover, CBD directs more serotonin or the “happy chemical” to your brain, which is so critical to your brain health. Serotonin is responsible for making you feel good and happy and controlling mood naturally. As a result, you get motivated to learn new things and work with greater enthusiasm.

Note that it’s preferable to take CBD edibles to better your focus. Strikingly, CBD edible effects for creativity are just great. They aren’t only helpful but also appetizing, and offer long-lasting effects as compared to, e.g., smoking or vaping.

Pick the Right Strain

Indica-dominant? Sativa-dominant?  If you’re on the lookout for the right CBD strain, let’s look at sativa and/or indica more closely.

Cannabis indica is a species of the genus Cannabis. The debate goes around whether Cannabis and Cannabis sativa are separate species. However, no one argues that both of them originated from different geographic locations. Also, they have structural differences, e.g., leaves with different shapes. Finally, they don’t have the same genetics.

However, there exists some “common knowledge” on their difference. This suggests that sativa dominant is especially good for boosting productivity. Indica dominant is more in demand for body-high effects and relaxing properties.

Did you know that sativa and/or indica aren’t the only strains to go for? Consider the following options as well:

Boosts productivity. Great for working on specific projects requiring higher concentration.

Boats extremely high CBD and low THC levels. Reduces stressfulness and makes less troubled, thus promoting focus.

Sour Diesel
Popular for treating ADHD.

To make the right choice, remember that different people have different chemistry. To feel concentrated or focused, take microdoses.

Become More Productive with These Strains

best strains for productivity
CBD strains are becoming a mainstream for those looking to improve focus and boost productivity. With so many options out there, how can you choose the best strain for productivity easily? Just go through the following list:

High CBD strain. Expect to get more physically relaxed than with any other strain.

Blue Dream
This sativa-dominant hybrid smells and tastes like a sweet berry. Causes euphoria and has some strong indica-like qualities. If you’re interested in the most popular marijuana strain in the US, go with it. It can easily help you relax.

Offers a less powerful high, making you feel happier and relaxed to get easily focused.

High CBD strain. Can get you relaxed without making you extremely foggy. The preferred choice for starters and old consumers of marijuana.

Super popular sativa strain. A productivity booster. If you like citrus and spices, choose this “antidepressant.” Get energy and feel euphoria. Get rid of fatigue and stress.

Jack Herer
Clear your head to get focused and work with greater productivity. Offers a delicious woody aroma and perfect Earthy taste. Ideal for creative minds.

Maui Wowie
Perfect for lovers of tropical fruits, drinks, and just anything. Get mentally secluded in a tropical place from the rest of the world.

Probably offers the best taste among all other marijuana strains available. If you like sweets and berries, this one is for you. Can calm you down and melt away your stress.

Strawberry Cough
A strawberry with earthy pine tones. Causes euphoria and feelings of happiness. Can relax your mind and improve your focus.

Super Sour Diesel
Need a strong head high? Choose this one. Complete any task at hand with higher productivity. Avoid anxiety and depression with CBD!


Research shows that CBD or cannabidiol has multiple benefits.  When faced with challenges concentrating, the right strain can make all the difference. Cannabis used to focus can boost concentration and performance, thus picking up your overall productivity.